My name is Hans Wilhelm Giertz, born in Sweden. I have MSc. in Electrical Engineering which has been valuable because most of the results presented on this site build on knowledge of electromagnetic theory and wave theory. I have been employed by Wandel & Golterman in Germany, at that time the leading manufacturer of analogue measurement equipment for the telecom industry. I have a background in research such as Science Counselor at the Swedish Embassy in Bonn and Technical Director, Ericsson Telecom. However most of my carrier I have worked at Ericsson as head of Product Management in product areas such as fiber optics, broadband systems, telecom switching systems and mobile phone systems (GSM, 3G, TDMA and CDMA).

Thus my background is a mix of research and product development, sometimes expert but mainly managing very large and complex systems development (budget 200 million Euro/year) and with experience in analogue technique, SW development, fiber optics, switching and mobile phone systems.

It may seem awkward that an engineer with mobile phone background enters medicine. It has the following reason. Phenomena described on this WEB site apply to Maxwell’s equations and the basic principles of radio communication as explained in the preamble of  Paper 1, chapter 2. From a theoretical point of view there is no difference between the dynamic electromagnetic processes in e.g. otitis bacteria, herpes virus, cancer tumour and the radio input functionality (i.e. the oscillator). The electromagnetic entity of organisms is theoretically identical to the electromagnetic entity of radios, TVs and mobile phones. This is a consequence of  the laws of physics being general, they do not distinguish between an organism respectively a radio. Novel management of infectious diseases is primarily a matter of handling electromagnetic processes, complemented by knowledge of chemistry and medicine.