Managing Infectious Diseases

Beginner’s description.

Many diseases are impossible to cure with today’s medicine based on drugs (e.g. asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, thyroidism, viral- and multiresistant bacterial diseases).  These diseases are possible to manage using a new method and medical device. Beginner’s offers introductory description for those who lack scientific background. Deutsch, Espanol and Svensk  translations are attached as PDF files.  PDF Deutsch (german)    PDF Espanol (spanish)   PDF Svenska (swedish)


Scientific description

  • Infectious diseases, i.e. pathogens, contain a protein which absorbs EM (electromagnetic) energy present in the air. It supplies pathogens with energy.
  • Preventing pathogens from absorbing EM energy disturbs processes within pathogens.
  • Preventing pathogens from absorbing EM energy during 3 weeks kills pathogens.
  • The method is non-invasive.
  • The absorbed EM energy can be measured. Results obtained on the following diseases are described; otitis, plantar fasciitis, rhinitis, herpes, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, thyroidism, DMD, asthma, Parkinson’s, rosacea, eosinophilia and cancer. It allows novel non-invasive disease description and monitoring of disease management.
  • The study displays the etiology and pathogenesis of many diseases, including the above diseases.
  • A medical device, facilitating EM extinction, is described. This device can be manufactured by you, allowing clinical tests. Clinical tests are sponsored, medical devices are available on request.
  • Descriptions are provided on three levels. Beginner´s condensed and simplified description is recommended as introductory step. Simplified is recommended as second step. Comprehensive and scientifically correct descriptions are provided in Introduction and in Papers 1-10.